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Ah, Virginia…
Where women taking advantage of their rights are forced to succumb to the beliefs of others. Tell me, politicians, what is the purpose of having a sonogram before undergoing an abortion? Must women pay for this unwanted and totally unnecessary procedure themselves? Laws passed giving women a choice to terminate a pregnancy, for various reasons mind you, were created in order to prevent the same procedures (because even without the law, they would continue to happen) in less than sanitary conditions. These are our bodies. It is our choice, one that we must live with but one that does not concern you. A sonogram is associated with a pregnancy one intends to carry out, and it should not be obligatory for a procedure doing the exact opposite. It is an invasion of privacy and a slap in the face of women’s rights. For a country that has come so far, why are women still being treated as if we have no sense? Not only is it not your body, Governor McDonnell, but it is highly improbable that you yourself will ever have to make a decision quite like the one you are deciding upon. You have made an already difficult decision even more so, but this will not end abortion. If anything, this will take reproductive health back to the time of unsanitary and even deadly conditions. We need choice and protection, not judgment.